Thursday, June 5, 2008


As we prepare for court, I sat down and wrote down a timeline from last September to now. I found it really interesting and thought I'd share.

Friday/Saturday, 9/14-15 – snuck out (1)
* Was supposed to be staying the night at Becky’s. Felicia’s mom alerted us to the fact that she was not there.
* Didn’t return until late on 9/15.
* Took her in for drug test, tested positive for traces of marijuana.
* She admitted she’d been out drinking with friends,
* She told us she had sex with a guy named Will, who is 17 or 18

Wednesday, 10/10 – skipped school (1st time), seen smoking by teacher

Tuesday, 11/13 – Got into a fight in the school cafeteria with Ashley Yost. Got suspended for a day.

Thursday, 11/29 – Skipped period one (2nd time) with Rhiannon

Thursday, 12/6 – Skipped period one (3rd time) with Rhiannon

Monday, 12/10 – Skipped period one (4th time) with Rhiannon

Tuesday, 12/11 – Skipped period one (5th time) with Rhiannon

Wednesday, 12/19 –
* Skipped periods 7 & 8 (6th time).
* I found out, found her and took her to work with me.
* She took off from there and Karen (sister in law) came and looked for her.
* She found her up by the school and grabbed her.
* She brought her home after taking her to the cities to show her a homeless shelter first.
* We emptied her room of everything, including decorations.
* We left her with 7 pairs of jeans, 7 shirts, undergarments, an alarm clock, a pillow and a blanket.
* We took her makeup, hair stuff, etc.
* We grounded her for 3 months.

Sunday, 3/30 – Announced she doesn’t believe in God

Tuesday, 4/1 – Run away (1st reported)
* Stayed home sick from school
* Takes off at 3:30, left us a note telling us she’d be back at midnight
* Took check from us, wrote it out for $20 to Gina, who cashed it. They used the $ for gas
* Went mudding with Gina and Rick
* "Screw your rules" defiance over phone while missing
* "See if the cops can catch me" attitude when we told her we were reporting her as a runaway
* Police picked her up at 12:30 at Becker’s house. She possessed tobacco at that time
* We emptied her room again. Took her makeup, hair stuff, cute clothes (left her with ugly t-shirts, pants she didn’t like, etc)

Friday, 4/18 – Skipped periods 7 & 8 (7th time) with Jenna Fischer

Saturday, 4/19 – Snuck out (2nd time)
* Gone from midnight to 6am
* Stole the keys to our safe and took her cell phone
* Took our van with Rhiannon – drove it to Kasota to get Gina, then Mankato, then back to St. Peter where she met up with Rick and Will, then Le Center
* Lost the keys to our safe

Sunday, 4/20 – Bought alarm and put it on her door

Monday, 4/21 –
* Skipped after 4th period (8th time) with Jenna
* Ran away (2nd reported)
* Came home on her own at 9pm.
* Gave the police "I know how to manage my own life" attitude.
* Dar took her in to get tested for drugs…came back clean

Tuesday, 4/22 –
* Talked at length with Kelly Jensen, school social worker
* Began seeking county assistance, possible house arrest bracelet to track her.

Wednesday, 4/23 –
* Skipped out of school after 1st period (9th time)- got suspended
* My friend Kristin suggested Cassie may be bipolar, based on her behavior.
* Ran away (3rd reported)
* Went to Le Sueur with Gina and Rhiannon
* Picked up by LS police after spotted by Kristin at mall

Friday, 5/9 – 1st meeting with probation department. Put on diversionary program.

Monday, 5/19 – Ran away (4th reported)
* Found around 11pm on 5/20 by N Mankato police
* Ended up in North Mankato with 33yo John Wesley Adams
* Tested positive for marijuana
* Was obviously "on" something besides pot
* Found out from Riverview Clinic that she’s diagnosed as bipolar (manic-depressive)

Friday, 4/23 – Met with probation department. Taken off diversionary program, will be sent to court

Tuesday, 6/3 – Snuck out (3rd time) (unproven)
* We have strong reason to believe she took off this night and was out and about with Gina from around 1am to around 4:30am

Wednesday, 6/4 – Snuck out (4th time) of Felicia’s house around 12-1a.m. until we picked her up at 2a.m. and brought her home.

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JRL said...

You are doing a great job of keeping track of every thing that happens. That shows true love and dedication. Keep up the good work Mom!