Friday, June 6, 2008

Busy day!

Wow...lots of big things happened today!

First off, Dr. Gazolla called today and told us that he had talked to Dr. Spieker, who wants to meet with Cassie herself before she prescribes medication. So her office called me today and we have an appointment for Tuesday morning at 7:00!!!! What an answer to prayer!

Then at 3:00 today we went with Jessica from Crime Victim Services to the North Mankato police department and filed a report against John. Lieutenant Carl Bock took her statement. She told the situation once while he took notes, then she told it again while he recorded it. Then she came out and I went back and he asked me some questions to clarify some things. He told me that he had seen the original report and was expecting this. He was sure we'd either file with St Peter or N Mankato at some point. He'll start working on the case next week. Pray that this man gets what he deserves and that the truth comes out!

Then, on a fun note, Cassie and I went and visited Laura Hahn in the hospital and I held her brand new baby girl, Alaina Joy, who weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces and was born yesterday at 11:02am! Very exciting! :-)

I'm off to work now. Praise the Lord for a boss who is willing to let me come in at night and weekends for a week or so to make up some hours and get some work done.

Love you all!

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