Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mountaintop Day :-)

Well, it's Sunday night and all is well on the Mohlenbrock homefront. :-)

The weekend was nice and quiet. Cassie spent Saturday morning with Becky while Dar worked at Tru-Green and I went in and worked at the paper. Then we went out to Dustin's grad party (where I saw a lot of you!). It was nice to see my friends and have time to chill out and relax with people I like. :-)

Today was GREAT! God continues to amaze me with how awesome He is! Dar and I are on the worship team at church, so we were at church at 7:30 this morning warming up and practicing with the team. 2nd service is always my favorite just because the atmosphere is so much livelier than 1st service. We were singing some pretty upbeat songs today and the Holy Spirit was definitely present and flowing through that place! Pastor Greg prayed toward the end of the singing and asked God to speak to His people and almost immediately we had prophecy after prophecy after prophecy...5 total, one right after another! It was so cool! And each Word spoke directly into my heart, pulling me deeper and deeper into His presence!

Then the sermon was all about how God is a Person, has emotions, has likes and dislikes, and is so personal with each and every one of us! Pastor ended the service a bit differently, calling the worship team back up and having us all worship again, keeping in mind the personality of God, and focusing on bringing joy and pleasure to Him. So we did, and we ended up doing about 20 minutes of singing again! Complete with dancing and shouting and just an amazing PRESENCE of the living, almighty, sovereign Creator! It was just so cool, I barely know how to put it into words.

If you've never experience anything like that before with God, I encourage you to ask Him to let you experience it! There's just nothing else like it in the whole world! And if you ask, He'll do it too! He loves to bring blessings to His children when they are seeking Him out. If you think of your own kids (if you have them) if they come up to you and hug you and look at you with those eyes that say you are some kind of hero to them (ok, doesn't happen as often once they get older, but I remember times like that when my kids were little), wouldn't you do just about anything they ask of you, just because they've touched your heart? Well, our Heavenly Father is the same way; when we come to Him without an ulterior motive, and just come to worship and love on Him and we touch His heart, He'll do just about anything for us! So if we come to Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to us in a joyful, exciting, amazing way, He's going to answer with a resounding YES!

Anyway, that's why my day was so completely rockin' and I wish every day could be like this, but if it was then I wouldn't appreciate it. It's because of the low days that are spent in the valley that we appreciate the high days on the mountaintop.

Anyway, I'm home tomorrow, babysitting my teenager, and then bright and early on Tuesday (7am!) we have the appointment with the psychiatrist, and then court at 2pm, so please keep us in your prayers that the entire day goes well.

Love you all!


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kimkbidwell said...

Oh my YES!!! Church was just amazing yesterday!!!! I so enjoy it when you can especially feel Him like that!! I had goosebumps from head to toe through the prophesys!!! God is so, so good!! I had to let you know i felt it too, i am guessing many did. Hope your day is wonderful!!!