Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just have a wierd feeling...

It's been a wierd night. I tend to be a creature of habit. Those who know me well would say that I'm obsessive compulsive. Not extremely, but I do have my quirks. One of those is that I like to know where everything is, all the time. I have a certain place that I keep most everything. I can tell if my makeup or hairbrush have been used by the way it's placed on my table. I always put my credit card back in my wallet a certain way, etc. I just like to know where things are and so I put them very deliberately in their place.

Well, tonight I went to get my wallet so we could walk over and rent a movie. My wallet was not snapped shut. This is one of those things that I always do; I always snap my wallet shut when I've been in it. Now, I may be paranoid, but keep in mind that I have a daughter who has a tendency to lie, steal, and generally break the rules. For instance...on Wednesday, I bought a six-pack of Hershey's chocolate bars to use for s'mores when we do fire pits. Now, we have not had a fire pit since Kate's birthday party middle of May, so there's no reason those chocolate bars should even be open. However, today, I noticed that it has been opened in the last 24 hours and that literally half of the bars are missing. Dar's been at work, I've been at work. Chris is at church camp...that leaves ONE person in the home who could've eaten them. So I asked her about them. Nope, she only had one, not three. INSISTS that she only had one. Gets a little pissy when I push her on it. So I let it drop. Tonight, I found one wrapper in the garbage in the office and two in the drawer of the coffee table in the living room. Wierd place for a couple of wrappers, don't you think? Just one example of stupid things she'll take and then lie about. So yes, I get a little nervous when my wallet is left open. I've decided to start putting that in the safe along with the car key, extra check blanks, credit cards, etc. Sad that we have to do that in our own home, but it's just the way it is.

Wierd #2...I drove the car today. I got home, dropped the keys in my purse, and came in the house. How do I know I dropped the keys in my purse? Because I always drop the keys in my purse. Then once I get in the house I put them in the safe as soon as I remember to (see....not totally OCD lol). So, Dar gets home and wants to drive the car...and no keys. We've searched high and low for the keys. They are nowhere. Not in my pants pocket, not in my sweatshirt pocket, not on the desk, not on the table or counter or floor of the car. No where. Wierd, don't you think? Now again...one might think I'm just being paranoid. She's only 14 they might say. Hasn't even had driver's ed. BUT, there was that one Sunday morning that we came out to the garage to go to church and the van was not parked where I'd parked it. It was closer to the wall then I always park it. (Yup, another of my wierd habits that I always do) Then we noticed there was significantly less gas in it then there'd been the night before. Since that time I found a note detailing exactly what did happen to my van that night, and let's just say I have cause to worry about a set of car keys that are missing.

Wierd #3 which really isn't so much wierd as it is a gut feeling that all is not well. Cassie has a friend over. Let's not get into why she has a friend over, let's just suffice it to say that this is a battle I'm weary of fighting and so she does. Now, there's FRIENDS (Becky and Felicia) who I like, trust, approve of, and then there's "friends" who I don't. The friend tonight is a young gal who I've no reason NOT to trust. She's never been involved (that I know of) in any of Cassie's shenanigans, never been disrespectful in my presence, never given me reason NOT to trust her. But, nonetheless, I don't. I just have a gut feeling that this is not a good friendship for my daughter's situation. Yet, because I don't have outright reason to not trust her, I let her come over. I figure this is a good way for me to "test" out the friendship under a little more of my control. So, here she is.

BUT, given all the other "wierdness" tonight, I'm unsettled. My heart/gut/spirit, whatever you want to call it, is not at peace. I've prayed, I've asked God to rebuke the devourer on our behalf, to protect our daughter, to thwart any and all plans that she may have of misbehaving, prayed for peace. Still...I'm unsettled. So, if you happen to be reading this tonight and happen to be talking to the Almighty, Powerful, Awesome Creator of the Universe, and you happen to mention our family to Him, it'd be much appreciated.

Thanks...I'm heading off to bed now. We've got the third car parked behind the other ones, the garage door unplugged, and we'll be sleeping without our fans on so we can hear any odd noises in the house tonight. Here's praying for a good night's sleep!

Love ya'll!

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