Wednesday, June 4, 2008

She has no idea...

So far she has no idea that we know. Knowledge is power, so they say.

We have her cell phone in lockdown. That is such a mixed issue. On the one hand, if we give it to her, she can get ahold of these so called 'friends" who help her run away and break the rules. The positive thing is, we can get ahold of her, sometimes, when she does run, plus when we do random "text checks", we find out information we wouldn't know otherwise. On the other hand, if we take it from her, she can't get ahold of those "friends", but neither can we get ahold of her, as was the case on the 19/20th when she ended up with John. But for now, we have it in the safe.

I talked to Gretta (case manager) just a few minutes ago.
* She's going to call the clinic and see if the psychiatrist, Dr. Spieker, has any cancellations and can get her in sooner.
* She is hesitant to do anything else right now being we have court on Tuesday. She said anything we might do today (ie: inpatient at the hospital) might interfere with what the court may do next week. She's encouraging us to try and make it until then. The problem with that is that I need to work my 8 hour day tomorrow, plus 6 on Monday and 5 on Tuesday. I'd need to find a "babysitter' for those days.
*I'm bringing her into Gretta's office today. Since she doesn't know that we know this, I'm just going to tell her we need to stop there. Once she gets in there, we'll let her know what we know she took off last night. Gretta is going to talk with her, plus do a urinary analysis on her (drug test).

Then we'll stop and get groceries for the week and come home. No baseball game tonight. If you know anyone who'd like to have free Twins tickets, 18th row, for tonight, call me on my cell. I have them here and hate for them to go to waste.

Thanks again for your encouragement. Your words of support, your phone calls, the Scripture you share, they all help. We love you tons!

Just talked to Jessica with Crime Victim Services. She got the police report from North Mankato and we can file a report against John. She wants to meet with Cassie first, then she'll go with us. His middle name is Wesley and from the site she found, he's only had burglaries and traffic violations on his record, no sexual assault. So we'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted!

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