Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Cassie started her first day of classes at Cleveland High School today. She's been asking us to let her switch schools for a long time and we've resisted. However, after last year being as horrible as it was, her now being on medication and seeing the psychologist and psychiatrist as well as being on probation (LOTS of accountability in her life right now), we decided that if ever there was a time to try it, this is it. So I made some phone calls and a visit to the new school yesterday and just like that, she's now enrolled in the Cleveland Public School system. 

She was very excited to go today (something we haven't seen in a LOOoooooonnnnngggg time!). She'd texted everyone and told them about the change. Because of her long struggle with anything educational as well as the issues from last year, she did not have enough credits to start as a full 10th grader. Our options were to start her as a 10th grader who has to re-take some 9th grade classes, or to start her as a 9th grader who is accelerated into some 10th grade classes. We decided for the latter, so she is entering the school year as a 9th grader. She said she was ok with that, that she understands that it's because of her previous choices. This is good, to me, that she seems to understand her role in where she's at right now. 

I told her that this is her chance to re-define Cassie Mohlenbrock. She can leave the past behind and move forward into a better life if she so chooses. Some of the kids know her from before, but I think most of them are friends of hers who hopefully won't give her a hard time. The other kids have no idea what's gone on before, so she can start fresh. I think this is what she needs. I'm a parent who will try anything and go to whatever lengths it takes to help her move forward and make better choices. I pray this is the right decision and that she takes this opportunity to re-create who she is and live a better life. Please join me in this prayer. 

Appreciate still and always all the love and support you all give us.
Love ya!

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Tracy Krueger said...

I'm glad that Cassie is going to be in my backyard for school. Hope she enjoys Cleveland it can be clickie, but I'm sure she can handle it.