Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bye-Bye Bipolar

We met with the Psychologist this week and after further testing she has determined that Cassie does NOT have bipolar disorder. She said she will "leave it on the table" as it was brought up by another psychologist, but had we brought Cassie in, with no prior testing, she would never have brought it up herself. She clearly has ADHD and some peripheral disorders such as Conduct Disorder and Social something Disorder, but she believes those are a spin-off of the undiagnosed ADHD and that as we get the ADHD handled, they should fade out. Woo Hoo! This is good news. Cassie seems to be on the upswing. They psychiatrist upped her Strattera once again to 60mg from 40 and this medication does seem to be helping. 

Cass likes her new school and seems at this point to be doing very well. I am waiting for the login and password info to check on her grades online, but appearances seem to be good. I'm praying that she's on the upswing!

Spiritually, she seems to be heading in the right direction. I was having a rough day yesterday and today at work and I had to go pick her up from school today (she got sick at school :-( ) On the way home she said "it's ok'll get better. Have you prayed?" MY daughter asking me if I've prayed! Again...Woo Hoo! This is good news. I've said from the beginning that this is a spiritual battle and this is more confirmation that God's side is winning! She also said that my bad day is just satan attacking me and I can make it through. I thought it was very sweet how she encouraged me, and it did help. I'd been telling myself that all day anyway, and yes, I'd been praying, but it's always good to hear it from someone else and to confirm it. 

Anyway, things seem to be looking up in the Cassie area.

Chris is enjoying 6th grade as much as any 6th grade boy can enjoy school. He doesn't like doing homework, but his best friend is in his class and lives a half a block away, so they do it together a lot which helps. Ad he is getting it done, so whatever it takes, right? 

Oh, and in case you didn't know...IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! Yup, I'm another year older. 38 now! Where does the time go? I still feel like I'm in my 20's but with a daughter who will be driving next year and a son who will be in 7th grade next year, I guess that's not possible, is it? Oh well. I work all day today at the front desk of the paper then Dar and I have worship practice tonight from 7-9, so there won't be any going out for my birthday today. Dar started at Domino's Pizza on Monday and he closes on Friday night and works late night on Saturday, so he can't go out this weekend either. BUT, I'm blessed with friends and siblings who will go celebrate with me, so we're going to go out tomorrow night. I'm not sure yet what we'll do, but something will come up. Any ideas? Email me! I'm open to suggestions!

Better run...lots to do yet...but I wanted to get an update out!
Love ya'll! 

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday Kendra! Mine was ysterday. :)