Thursday, September 18, 2008

Puffy Heads and Shiny Fishies

Wow...I'm 38 and one week old today. LOL

Tomorrow my "little" brother turn 29. Scary! You can see his picture on the last post...he's hiding in a bush. :-)

Life gets SO busy sometimes I barely have time to catch my breath. I really felt like just crawling right back into bed this morning instead of coming to work. I'm fighting off a sinus/cold and feel really icky. You know that feeling where your head is in a bubble and feels about 50 pounds heavier than it usually is? Yup, that's the one. I just want to lay it down for a while and rest my burning, itching eyes. Alas, it is not to be. I work til 5 (with a trip to the courthouse on my afternoon break to visit Cassie's probation officer with her), then supper and worship practice from 7 until 9, then I can lay my heavy, swollen head on my pillow and drift off into dreamland and hopefully wake up feeling better. :-)

Some of you may remember that all of our fishies died while we were in North Carolina on vacation in July. The tank wasn't doing all that well before we left, actually, and we'd been losing fish several times a week before we went. Well, the rest of them went to fishy-heaven while we were out galavanting in the ocean-side state. Since then our sad, empty tank has sat there, growing algea, breaking down the last of the fish-corpses as they went from mold to nothing in the water. 

Finally three weeks ago we had the time, energy, and wherewithal to empty it out, boil all the parts, and put it back together. So for the past two weeks it's been sitting all shiny and new, but still empty. Dar and I stopped at Petco last night and bought TWO new fishies for our tank! (and the crowd cheers! OK, maybe not the crowd, but the Mohlenbrock's certainly did). They're shiny and new too! Seriously shiny!  We got two Silver Mollies because they were on sale at Petco and they're live-bearers and relatively hardy fish. Our ultimate goal is a community tank with several species(?) of fish, but we needed to start with just a couple so our tank can get used to having LIVE fish in there again. 

Anyway, that is the highlight of our week so far and it's good to see a couple little swimmers bringing life to our tank again. Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go. :-)

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