Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm hiding in the bush...shhhhh

OK, so you may be wondering what in the world is up with the picture of me in a shrubbery saying "shhhhh"?!?!? Has Kendra gone off the deep end? Well, that may be true, but it's not the cause of the photo lol.

As you know I turned 38 last Thursday. Now, I'm not freaking out over this number because in my brain, age is how you feel not what the number is on your driver's license. I feel 23, so that's how old I am. I don't look 38, I don't act 38, and I certainly don't feel 38, so there you have it. I'm 23. :-)  But, back to the bushes...

I suppose I must attribute something to the number of years I've walked this planet and that is that I've finally "grown up" enough to realize that I don't have to go out and get drunk to celebrate my birthday. Then again, maybe I should attribute that to my walk with the Lord and where's He's brought me in my life. Regardless, I wanted to go out and celebrate my birthday with my friends but I didn't want to play the slam-shots/see-how-drunk-you-can-get game.  

So what's a girl to do? 

Most of you reading this were probably there, so you can attest to this...I sent out an email whining about how my DH had to work and I wanted to go celebrate, and would anyone please join me? I have wonderful friends and family who said they'd join me, and plans were made to meet at the Sugar Room in downtown Mankato on Friday night. The Sugar Room is a tiny little jazz club that serves up yummy food and great music. So I'm picturing in my head how the night might go and realized that sitting around a table eating and listening to music didn't sound very exciting and I wanted exciting!  So I came up with the idea of doing a scavenger hunt. :-)  

By Googling "adult scavenger hunts" and thinking about things that I like, I came up with 13 ideas and made up a list. The plan was to find the things on the list and take a picture with digital cameras for "proof". Here's our list, the story behind their selections, and a few of the photos....

1. the coolest pen you can find (Anyone who knows me knows I have a pen fetish and love to collect awesome looking pens!)

2. something purple (also anyone who knows me at all knows that I LOVE the color purple and sometimes randomly yell out "PURPLE" just for fun. If I describe something as purple, it means it's awesome, very cool or just flat out fabulous). The best thing we found was a purple Harley with blue ground lights. Dar and I have a dream of owning a couple of bikes and when the kids graduate we're going to take off and tour the country. So this one definitely won the prize of being my favorite!

3. someone (not in our group) born in 1970 (it took us three hours and 3 locations to find someone born the same year as me. Most of the time we got these incredulous looks and comments that 1970 was light years ago and we must be ancient! lol) Following is the photo of the co-1970'er. 

4. a tube of lipstick or gloss with a cool name

5. someone holding a screwdriver that was in their purse/pocket (ok...a bit of background here. When Dar and I had been married about a year we were in the middle of a HUGE fight and pushing each others buttons. I was standing in our bedroom door with a screwdriver in my hand. I think I'd been fixing something. He was half sitting/half laying on our bed. He pushed one too many buttons a little too hard and I let the screwdriver fly. As soon as it left my hand I realized what I'd done, obviously too late to stop it. Thank God He loves me and caused the screwdriver to hit Dar in the chest with the handle and not the tip! We don't fight nearly as violently anymore and I certainly don't throw screwdrivers anymore!!!! But this is the reason for the screwdriver being on the list lol)

6. a member of our group dancing with a stranger (we have some single ladies in our group so I thought this would be fun  :-)

7. We were in pairs and one person from each pair had to sing a karoake song and get their picture taken. Dan (my brother) was one of the singers and you can see/hear him in this video...

8. someone (not in our group) who has had their 15 minutes of fame (ie: been in the paper, on TV, been a hero, performed in public, etc) The gentleman below performed with a gymnastics team that won State and they got to perform on ESPN. Very cool! Way to go! :-)

9. a sock with a hole in it (preferably on a foot)

10. a couple (not in our group) kissing

11. one person in the pair hugging a stranger (everyone needs a hug now and then)

12. a stranger's tattoo

13. one person in the pair hiding in a bush and saying "shhhh" (this is from a movie I recently watched with the kids called Son of Ranbow. It was very cute and this line was my favorite from the movie...thus it got included in the list) Everyone had fun with this so here's a couple of photos..


Jen said...

Oh that looked like so much fun!! I bet everyone had a great time. Better then doing the *zillion shots, drink till we can't remember up* game.

Kaitie said...

Very fun!! But you cant play the video :(

Kristin said...

If you missed it, sorry, it was a blast. I found the guy with true hole in his sock. This was just as difficult as the person born in 1970. :)