Monday, August 11, 2008

Cassie update

I have been trying to write this update for a week. It's been an emotional week, so I start writing, and discard what I've written, then start again, and delete that too. I'm determined this time to get it written.

Cassie started seeing her psychologist. She has seen her four times now. The first time was a get-to-know-each-other kind of meeting. She's gone in for two sessions of testing, and she's had one actual "session" which stirred up a lot of emotions in my daughter. She came out of the appointment with tears in her eyes. They brought up painful experiences and memories, things that Cassie would rather bury and cover up. All she has told me is that they talked about April 19/20 when she was with John overnight and was most likely sexually assaulted. Her psychologist wants her to write a letter to John, I'm assuming not to be mailed, but to help Cassie deal with her emotions concerning that event. I'm glad they are talking about this. I told Cassie it's like having a rotten piece of fruit in the drawer of your fridge. The only thing that will happen by leaving it there is that it will get more rotten, more nasty, and more smelly. It's a dirty, yucky, smelly job cleaning it up, but once its done, it'll be so much better.

She has served three of her five community service days. She says they're not so bad. They do a lot of mowing, shoveling rocks, moving trees...sounds like they work them hard! But she seems to not mind too much. She serves another this Thursday and then it's only one to go.

Yesterday she went swimming at a local "pond" where they were swinging from a rope into the water. At one point she fell onto her side and sounds like she hit the side of her head pretty good on the surface of the water. She came home complaining of water in her ear and that it hurt pretty bad. Within two hours she was throwing herself around and screaming because it hurt so bad. She was up in her room jumping up and down so hard I seriously thought she would either at best knock stuff off my shelves in the living room or at worst fall through the floor into our laps. We had already tried Tylenol and a heating pad, so I said enough was enough and I took her into the ER (this was 10pm). Turns out she's got a pretty bad ear infection. The doc said her ear is swollen so much he can't tell if it's an inner ear or outer ear infection, so to be safe he's treating it topically (drops) and orally (pills). She's probably had it for a while, and we didn't know it, so it's a good thing she went swimming. Getting water in the ear probably aggravated it enough to make it noticeable (and boy did she notice it!!!). It seems it's the time for hidden things in her life to be brought up to the surface and get dealt with, doesn't it? 

That's all for now folks. Lots more happening in our lives, of course, but if I don't hit "publish post" now, it may be another week before it gets posted. LOL.
Love you all...

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