Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Giving credit where credit is due

Can I just say how amazing God is?

You all know Cassie doesn't sleep well at night. Well, the night of the earache incident, she was very upset and restless, so I went in to her and rubbed her back to try and relax her. I prayed that God would wrap her in His mighty arms and hold her close, ease her pain, and allow her to fall into a deep, restful sleep the entire night through. I went out, shut her door, and set her door alarm so that if she did get up we'd know it. Guess what? She didn't wake up all night long! Not even to go to the bathroom! I woke up the next day, got ready for work, shut off her alarm, and went to work. Last night she texted me after she went to bed and asked if I'd come rub her back again for a few minutes to help relax her, so I did. And again, I prayed and asked God to allow her to sleep deeply and restfully. Again, I set the door alarm, just in case, and again, she slept the entire night through! 

Normally, with Cassie, it's kind of like having a newborn in the house, where you get up every few hours with them because they simply have needs. And the relief when the baby starts to sleep through the night is so immense that it is very noticeable. That's how it is with us. It's such a blessing for us as well as for her, to sleep the whole night through. 

So I had to come on and give credit where credit is due. GOD allowed us these two nights of rest, GOD held our daughter so she could sleep deeply instead of being up all night. And GOD is the One I thank for this blessing. Thank You Father...we love You and appreciate You. You are amazing and we are so thankful to be Your children!

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