Thursday, May 29, 2008


I spent a couple of hours on the phone yesterday. I tell you, trying to get some of these organizations to return a phone call is a frustrating experience! I have been calling Nicollet County Children's Mental Health Services since Friday. They said someone would call me on Tuesday or Wednesday. I gave them Tuesday to call me and when they didn't, I called them on Wednesday, and again yesterday morning. At 4:50pm, I called yet another time and finally got the person in charge. We've been assigned a case manager, and she sounded surprised that the case manager hadn't called me yet. Was I surprised? Absolutely not. This seems to be the name of this game they play. So I got our case manager's number and called her immediately. Of course, I got her voicemail. I left a message and she actually called me today! We have an appointment on Monday at 5pm. Whew! One down, 8 gazillion to go. 

Our other surprise was a sheriff knocking on our door yesterday afternoon. As Nicole put it, we thought "Wait, she's in our living room, why are the police here?" LOL. Sorry...we're just used to dealing with police when she's missing. Anyway, he was there to serve papers on our court date for Cassie. I was caught off guard and a bit frazzled to say the least. I thought we would just receive papers in the mail. Guess not. Another piece of knowledge I've now picked up on this journey we are on. I'm learning so much! 

God is certainly using this experience to stretch me. I'm learning to be assertive, to take charge and to get into action immediately instead of waiting. These are not qualities I've possessed before, so I'm rather excited to see myself growing! 

So things are starting to happen. Still not fast enough for me, but at least they're moving. 

Here's the recap:
June 2...appt with county children's mental health worker
June 10...court
August 4...appt with psychiatrist for medication
August 6...appt with psychologist for therapy

I will admit I am nervous about the court date. I have been asked a couple of times if she's ever been removed from the home. Of course not! I pray that they DON'T remove her! I love my daughter and will fight to the finish for her. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING can ever change that. No matter what issues she is dealing with, no matter how disrespectful, no matter the outcome of any of this, she is my daughter and I love her and I will fight for her safety, her mental health, her emotional protection, and her spiritual growth. 

Specific prayer requests:
* That the psychiatrist AND the psychologist can get us in sooner than the August dates (we are on their cancellation lists so this is a possibility if God wills!)
* That the court date goes smoothly...that the outcome are those things that God has willed for her - and our - life
* For financial blessings...we have missed work and are facing fines/fees/expenses through all of this that we were unaware of.
* That God continues to make His presence known in this situation. 
* That God would move in Cassie's heart and use this to draw her unto Himself. She has gone beyond questioning her faith to stating that she doesn't believe in Him at all and her disrespectful attitude is extending unto her Creator. Pray that she is unable/unwilling to voice this unbelief and disrespect. Pray that instead, she would begin to seek out the One who is able to hold her and keep her through whatever happens.
*Pray for Christopher as he watches all of this. He has a very tender heart and it gets broken easily. He worries a lot and needs his heart protected.
*For our marriage, that the stress of the situation would not take it's toll on our bond. We need to bond together during this time and stand strong with Christ as our center.

So that's where we are at for the moment. I'm leaning on God, taking life one minute at a time and trusting Him to lead us the very next step down the path. He is good, faithful, and trustworthy and I know He's got everything in the palm of His hand. We appreciate all of your support and prayers and words of encouragement. I told the social worker at the school that if this HAD to happen to someone, then I'm glad it's us. She was shocked that I said that until I explained. We have a very strong support system. We have family who stand beside us and walk through this with us. We have friends who are able to help us navigate through this system. We have GOD Who helps us every step, every minute of every day. This is not fun and if I had to choose, I would not walk this path. BUT, we are able to walk through this valley because God has set up support in our lives and especially Him to get us through. Other families do not have this kind of support and it might destroy them.  So again, thank You God, and thank you to all our family and friends. We couldn't do it without you. We love you all.

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