Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just a couple of things to share

I wanted to share a couple of things that I thought were cool.

I was at Worship Team practice last Thursday, and, as always, we pray for anywhere from ten minutes to a half an hour before we start worshiping. And, as often happens, I was struggling as thoughts and events from the day were sneaking in from the sidelines and invading my brain while I was trying to focus on Him. I asked God why it's such a struggle for me to enter in to His Presence sometimes and He showed me that it's as easy as stepping from one room into another. All I have to do is open the door and walk in - easy as that, I'm there! And so, in my mind, I did just that! And as I entered, my first instinct was to bow before Him and honor Him as my God and my King. He's so awesome, so beautiful, and holy, and mighty sitting on His throne! My very next desire was to run into His arms! To jump on His lap and throw my arms around His neck and just love on Him. :-) And He told me that I'm welcome to do just that! He is not a King who holds His people at arm's length, who is dared not approached. He is a King whose lap I can jump into! What an awesome God we serve, that as holy and righteous and amazing as He is, that He is still so personal that we can run to Him and love Him and be loved on by Him!

As I reflect on how awesome He is, this is my favorite image that captures some of His amazing-ness!

The next thing I wanted to share are a couple more designs I did up as I reflected on a few of my current favorite Scripture verses. :-)

This one I did after my last blog where I mentioned this is my favorite version of this verse.

This one I did after my friends pointed out to me that I'd been walking under a black cloud and it was time to enjoy life...even the "crises" that hit on a daily basis!

I did this one on Monday. Our church encourages us to fast every Monday through dinnertime as a firstfruits offering to God. Every day I get an email sent to me from KLOVE radio station with a Bible verse in it. This was the verse for Monday and I thought, "how appropriate!". God's timing is perfect! So I did this design for my desktop to remind me as I fast of why I'm fasting.

Anyway...that's it for today. Be blessed and be bless-able! :-)

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