Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Monday and All Is Well!

Well, life is back to normal (whatever "normal" is) and all is as it should be once again.

Dar was released from the hospital on Friday. All his many tests came back good. He had an EEG, a catscan, an MRI, and MRA, an echo-cardiogram and I'm not sure what all else. I got to watch the EEG and echo-gram, they were cool! The echo is like an ultrasound for a pregnant woman but on his heart instead. It was amazing seeing how the valves in the heart open and shut, allowing the blood to flow through, seeing it pump steadily. There's no way I could question if God exists after seeing that! It's just so complex and awesome there's no possibility that it's and accident!

In any case, his heart is healthy and strong, his brain is fully-functionatable and he's back at home. They said it was probably a combination of the mild concussion he had last Sunday, his sinus being swollen and his typical low-blood pressure dropping even more. Whatever it was, I pray it never happens again! I did NOT like being thrust into that situation and much prefer having my handsome hubby at home with me, his strong arms wrapped around me, fixing things that get broken, maintaining the lawn, garage and computers, and being there as my partner and my friend. It did make me realize how much I love him and appreciate him more.

Friday after he got home we went out to a move with the kids and saw "Fireproof" about a fireman and his wife and their probable divorce and how they handled it. It's a great movie to see if you're married, but even if you're not, it's a great story. My 11 year old son loved it and has already told us that it WILL be sitting on our movie shelf once it's out on DVD. LOL. 

So today is Monday and Dar and I are both back at work, the kids are out of school early for a snow day and, as I said, all is as it should be once again. 

Thank You God!

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