Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We had court today. It went pretty good. Cassie dressed up in a white ruffled skirt and a pink top. She looked so pretty! She was kind of nervous going in front of the judge, as she should be. He directed his questions to her and she had to answer for herself, which was good. We were only there for support and extra input. She ended up having three charges...truancy, tobacco possession and runaway. She received 8 hours of community service for the tobacco possession, 16 hours for the truancy and another 16 for the runaway. The probation department recommended 24 for the runaway, but the judge gave her a little break. So a total of 40 hours of community service, which they serve in 8 hour increments on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the summertime. She's also on probation for 6 months. Part of that is Project Night Hawk, in which they can and will stop by randomly, mostly at night, and do a breathalizer and a urinary analysis on her to make sure she's not using. She'll have to attend a smokers-education class that will cost her $20. She has to attend a cognitive skills class that meets for a few hours a week for 14 weeks. That will cost her $50. Then she has to pay a correctional fee of $50. She had to approach the judge's bench at the end to receive her dispositional orders from him. I think that part scared her the most!
We leave the day after tomorrow for vacation in North Carolina. We've scheduled three days to hang out on the Carolina coast. There's fireworks over the water on one beach on Thursday night. And we're supposed to meet up with Katie and Tony at Myrtle beach on Saturday. In between we're going to try and find some sand dunes and lighthouses to visit as well as swim in the ocean and go exploring. We are all so excited and can't wait!
Thanks again for your prayers and support. Things are going fairly well other than some attitude here and there.
Love ya'll!

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